Organize Your Closet With The Magic of Space Savers

Tidying up with Marie Kondo has taken Netflix binge-watching to a new level. You’ve probably come across one viral video on Facebook that’s poking fun at being ‘Marie-Kondo’d’. I watched one episode and felt the desire to throw everything out of my house and purge, purge, purge.

I’m reminded of the movie The Exorcist when Father Merrin shouts over and over: THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!

I tackled one of the biggest projects in my house right now – cleaning out my storage closet. I was able to accomplish this overhaul using the magic of SpaceSaver Premium Reusable Vacuum Storage Bags (easily found on Amazon: click to view.)

I’ve used these in the past to clean up my linen closet (it really helps tuck away blankets you don’t use regularly, old baby blankets, etc). So, I was prepared for how they could help but I wasn’t entirely sure HOW they’d help.

I mean, fuck. Look at this mess. I should be ashamed sharing it on the Internet. It’s literally something you don’t show your house guests. Like- hey, Sally? You want to come upstairs and look at my fucked up explosive shit-hole of a closet? That would never happen.

Yes, this is the space where we dump things that need to be dumped and kept.

Sally, don’t look. Please.

The purge begins by pulling everything out and staring at the shit-pile

My mission with the closet wasn’t to throw everything in the dumpster. My goal was to create more space. As I pulled things out, I was looking at how to put it back in more strategically. I only tossed one kitchen garbage bag full of clutter out. It was mostly filled with hidden trash bits that were in the hoard (like lab notebooks from college, papers that didn’t matter, etc).

What I had a lot of was clothes, pillows and blankets shoved in there. I know I can’t be alone in the obsessive need to hold on to decorative pillows you buy over the years – they ain’t cheap! And I never say no to hand-me-downs for my son which means I’m fully stocked in clothes that’ll fit him all the way up to age six… (he’s three this March).

This is where those SpaceSavers really helped me organize the chaos.

This is a huge black garbage bag full of clothes, plus two other bags that were filled to overflowing in the closet.

I shoved as much of the clothes that I could into a SpaceSaver bag and dug out the vacuum to remove all the air. I recommend doing this while sitting on the pile you’re consolidating. You really feel an insane thrill as you drop towards the ground and all that air goes SCHLUUUUURRRPPP into the vacuum.

The bags thickness was about the length of a finger. Fan-fucking-tastic results.

I was able to fit THREE of these bags stacked together in a corner. Two for the clothes, one for the pillows.

Vacuum-sealing all of my son’s future clothes and shoving the pillows I haven’t used in five years into these bags wasn’t the only thing that I did.

But it helped give me the space to put OTHER things in the closet that weren’t able to fit before. Like my son’s old high chair, a fan, and a duffel bag packed full of all our snow gear. None of these things would’ve fit in with the mass before. Being able to control and contain the space was key.


Ignore the stickers hiding the names of my kiddos.

I used 6 Jumbo Sized SpaceSavers and I was able to see I had a floor again in this closet. An ugly carpeted floor, but I actually could walk in and access all the items in there. Before, I was leaping and balancing, and grunting my way in trying to find things.

I had been storing all of the various canvas paintings I’ve done with my daughter or husband over the years stacked on a box in the closet. They weren’t necessarily (ahem) able to match most of our household decor but why shouldn’t they get off the floor (where they were taking up space) and be hung in this closet?

Okay, Sally. You can come look at my closet now. It’s an organized space of your wildest dreams and it’s even a pseudo-art gallery.

Shrek and Stella sittin’ pretty

There was so much room after I was done organizing that heap-pile that both my dogs could sit inside for a photo op. Maybe we’ll end up sleeping in there tonight in awe of what I accomplished. No, strike that. It’s stupid and makes me shudder with claustrophobia.

Best $29.99 I’ve ever spent. 10/10, would buy again. I don’t think I’ll blog about me tackling each of our closets with this lifesaver, the point’s been made.

Can I get a Hallelujah?!


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My professional background in biotechnology as a research chemist and as a veterinary technician has allowed me to have experienced two vastly different fields and for that I am thankful. In both careers, I have mentored, encouraged, and developed talent.

As a mother of two (a daughter and a son), I'm a self-proclaimed backyard chicken guru and someone who has “foster failed” nearly all the animals currently running the household. Oh, and I maintain a husband in my spare time.

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