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Pinterest Lies

I love flipping through Pinterest and searching for engaging new recipes to tackle. The pictures that some bloggers use for their recipe journeys are exquisite representations of food. I KNOW they are painstakingly crafted and are picture-perfect creations. Like any advertisement, they’ve utilized good color choices, perfect lighting, perfect angles, perfect looking complete meals. To…

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Pitching and job boards

Okay, so I’ve been traveling down this “freelance writing” rabbit hole for a few weeks. It’s not like I don’t know how to write or do things. So, I’m pretty confident that I can do this “pay me for my words” gig. I’ve written web content, helped curate websites, done e-mail marketing, and have been…

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Fucking. Google. Kicks. Ass.

I started my journey creating an online presence to showcase my writing in the hopes of transitioning my hobby into (maybe?) a financial staple. And since then, I’ve done a lot of Googling. The ability to conduct a Google Search is an unholy power to have at your disposal. I mean. Listen. Something fucks up,…

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